Organic Chemical Free Beauty Products

Resolved Question: Where can I buy organic, chemical free, cruelty free beauty products?

By Cassie


Cassie asks: ()I know I am asking a lot but my family and I are going organic and chemical free because of allergies and skin conditions. I know of lush but I am looking for other places too.


Quia: (3 years ago)Lush does not really have checmial free products, I tried them as i buy such products & some contain chemicals.
the main chemical used in most commercial shampoos, body washes (anything that lathers) is Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) & this is supposed to be really bad for the skin. Followed by parabens in creams,
The best place is your local health food shop (most good ones sell them). Holland & Barret sell them also but they don’t have a big range.
Plus, for shampoos & conditioners,Tesco have a range called Tara Smith. They have no SLS, parabens,etc & are not tested on animals.
Also, Boots have a range called Naked, which are also free from chemicals, they do shampoos/conditioners, body wahses etc (they do a face range but Boots are no longer selling it but you can buy it on the Naked site but the P&P is expensive I think).
your other option is buying online. The one place I go to is an online health shop called Victoria health (they are regularly mentioned in magazines & are very well respected)+ they prices are not more expensive than if you were to buy them in a shop (and P&P is free if you order online ;rather than on phone).
This is their site:…

Some things I use:
Miracle Lotion: “….with aloe vera, 14 natural herbs and 7 natural oils (eg sweet almond and olive oils, this paraben free formula (which is a hidden gem from California) leaves skin supple, velvety smooth and deeply hydrated”…

Dr bronner’s Liquid Soaps: This range is a bestseller in US, the soaps are natural, & have no chemiclas, & they come in a range of different fragrances:……

other ranges which are are checmial free;
Faith in Nature
Dr Haushka for skincare (but expensive)

PS.Please bear in mind NOT everything sold at Victoriahealth is checmial free so please read carefully.

Bob: (3 years ago)There is a skin care line called Glimpse, it is based on the xanthones found in the mangosteen fruit. Check it out at…

Syntheti…: (3 years ago)Here is a good site with recommendations, tips, natural products you can use.
More will be added soon. So I recommend you check back every now and then & subscribe/follow.


LiTtL3 Mi$$: (3 years ago)if your looking for skin products, moisturisers, exfoliators and stuff liz earl is all natural products

razzleda…: (3 years ago)look for burts bees they sell that at most stores its kinda expensive but is all natrual!!!!!!!

-Chloe-: (3 years ago)Here are some good product names

1. Simple
2. Palmers

Stephani…: (3 years ago)If you log into they have a list of items that are organic and cruelty free.

pisceano…: (3 years ago)simple

angie: (3 years ago)whole foods , also online and more just google it

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