Stop Aging Proccess Questions

Resolved Question: will these habits stop aging process?

By Julie


Julie asks: (3 years ago)Hey im 16. I wear sunscreen when out in the sun. I eat moderately healthy. I Excersize. I use all organic beauty products. I dont smoke,ill probally drink only every once in awhile and not too much when im older. My mom smokes and shes 40 but she looks like shes 70 without make-up and she wears dentures*lol*. And my dad eats bad & doesnt excersize. So those are my genes i guess lol. So with these habbits and my genes how many years younger do you think ill look than my actual age when im older?

oo and i get good sleep


Reagan: (3 years ago)Id say the main factors in premature aging would be, smoking and lack of vitamins and MOST IMPORTANTLY sun damage.

Notice how black skinned people look way younger than light skin people when they’re older? Because they have natural resistance to the sun, as if they were wearing sunscreen all the time.
So if you’re fair skinned, stay out of the sun! Tanning is a big no, you will look like a leather bag by the time you hit 30.

Heya: (3 years ago)It depends..maybe if you stay really healthy you’ll just look your age

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