7 Inexpensive Ways to Eat Organic

7 Inexpensive Ways to Eat Organic

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Honestly, most people would like to eat more organic foods, however, they are not willing to put forth the effort in order to make this happen. Eating healthy is not an overnight escapade. It takes active planning, motivation and money. Considering you are planning and you have the motivation, here are a few ways to be creative with your spending when purchasing organics.

1. Avoid Excess

When buying something they enjoy, most folks tend to grab more than they need. If you are buying organic fruit or milk, get enough to last you until your next trip to the store. Don’t buy with your stomach, this may hurt you in the long run as you will throw away items that are no longer fresh.

2. Optimum Condition

Just like you take care of your expensive items, make sure you take good care of your expensive food. Be ready to spend a little extra in order to organize your kitchen; this will save you money. Having the right storage containers and labels will give you the ability to store your organic foods for longer while at the same time keeping them fresh.

3. Shop Around

When buying a car we all shop around, we don’t buy the first car we come across. Don’t just assume that your local supermarket sells the cheapest organic food. In fact, the opposite may very well be true. Look around and see what options are out there. I know of small fruit and vegetable markets that are better priced than the supermarkets offering similar organic foods, so look around. After a few shopping adventures, you will begin to know where the best places are to get the foods you love at the most reasonable price. So if initially you get discouraged because you have to shop around a bit, don’t be! You must become and expert by doing your research, then the rewards come with that.

4. Coupons

Just like you use coupons on non organic foods, there are coupons on your organic items. Utilize this service to the max. Before making any sort of grocery run look through the catalog and see what organics they have available. If you don’t get coupons in the mail, most stores have their weekly ads placed at the entrance, don’t forget to utilize this way to possibly save on your favorite items. Recently, I have heard of coupons and sales being announced via the web. As the times change, so do the ways we can save money; keep your mind open to that ways you can save!

5. Bulk on the dry items.

There are certain items that should not be bought in bulk; one of the most important is bread. However, if you find your favorite pasta or noodles or organic cereal on sale, it is not a bad idea to buy several boxes to save some money in the long run.

6. Enjoy the season

Organic foods are obviously cheaper when they are in season. Go ahead and enjoy oranges in the winter time and switch over to watermelon in the summer. This way you can enjoy certain foods in their season and reduce your spending. Once again, it is good to plan ahead so that you do not spend money on a whim.

7. Meet the Farmers

There are farmers markets that will sell organics at great prices. Search online or sign up with a membership group that will let you know where various markets are being held and on what days. There are certain markets that are there only open on weekends. Utilize them. There are farmers that will sell from their doorstep. I had offers to have organic milk dropped at my doorsteps at a price competitive to that of supermarket organic milk. Always keep an open mind!

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