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Michael Todd True Organics Skin Care Products

“You’ll love what’s in it. You’ll love even more what’s not.”


Many consumers have started purchasing organic food because they do not want to be exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals. That’s the same reason consumers are turning to Michael [...]

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Michael Todd True Organics Skin Care Products

Michael Todd True Organics Skin Care Products

“You’ll love what’s in it. You’ll love even more what’s not.”


Many consumers have started purchasing organic food because they do not want to be exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals. That’s the same reason consumers are turning to Michael Todd’s products made with certified organic ingredients: they want to have all the benefits of great beauty products without unhealthy ingredients. Just like with food, your skin absorbs much of what you place on it, so instead of harmful ingredients use healthy ingredients.


MICHAEL TODD true organics represent a synergy between science and the certified organic plants and fruits we use. The result is an unsurpassed skin care experience that enhances and protects the skin for years to come without the use of potentially harmful ingredients so common in many other brands. The products are developed and made in the United States at FDA Registered and USDA Organic Certified facilities under the guidance of experienced formulators, chemists and registered and certified aromatherapists. 


Most other skin care products are made with a cheap water (or aqua) base. Water is not “organic,” and why would you pay for a substantially water product when you can get this from your tap? Other bases used in skin care products include Fruit Juice (loaded with sugar), Alcohol (drying) and Mineral Oil (suffocates the skin) that make up much of their contents. And don’t be fooled by so-called “natural” products which don’t have any regulation, so any company can name their products “natural” if they have a few ingredients that come from the earth. Remember, even “dirt” is natural because it comes  from the earth. Hundreds of personal care companies are simply using the term “natural” for marketing purposes. We don’t use any of these ingredients. Most every MICHAEL TODD true organics product is beautifully crafted from a base of 100% Certified Organic Aloe Vera Juice now fortified by us in such a unique and novel way that our Aloe base is the subject of a pending patent. This ancient herbal remedy has been called “nature’s first aid kit” because of its anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. With more than 75 nutrients including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins, Aloe Vera hydrates, softens, soothes and nourishes the skin.


To the Aloe Vera base, we add thoughtfully selected organic ingredients known for their effective, results oriented skincare properties. We use as much organics as possible, usually 70-95%. Organically farmed fruits and vegetables can contain between 30-50% more vitamins and minerals than conventionally farmed crops and can work better than conventional products because organically farmed fruits and vegetables increase antioxidant levels by nearly 30 percent compared with produce grown on conventional farms (2008 study). These powerful antioxidants neutralize free radical activity which diminish skin cell damage, resulting in more youthful, healthy skin. And, so you know just what you’re getting, we state on each product the percentage of certified organically grown plants and fruits used and if it is vegan. 


Take a whiff. MICHAEL TODD true organics smell so good it’s like dessert for your face. And these fragrances are real, no synthetic fragrance or color is ever used in a Michael Todd product. Depending on which product you choose, the first thing you’ll notice are the delicious aromas of sweet orange, calendula, lavender or chamomile, aromatherapy ingredients which promote relaxation and well being. You’ll also recognize the scents of carrot, coconut, cranberry, grapefruit, lemon, tropical fruits, even pumpkin. Then there are sea algae and kelp, green, black and rooibos teas and acai berry to nourish and protect. We use minerals like Charcoal and Kaolin Clay for their detoxifying properties, and refreshing essential oils (olives, jojoba, neem, seabuckthorn seed and tea tree) and ultra-rich moisturizing butters (cupuacu, shea and mango).


We also believe organic ingredients need to be combined with other actives to be really effective. You don’t fix your skin by just rubbing an avocado on your face. The key is finding the right blend of organic ingredients and specific minerals, peptides, epidermal growth (repair) factor, DMAE, beneficial acids and other powerful age defying or blemish clearing ingredients to deliver powerful, clinically validated results. 


Just as important as what we put in our products… is what we don’t put in. Conventional beauty products can contain pesticides, methyl, butyl and propyl parabens, propylene or butylene glycols, mineral oil, sulphates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, phthalates, triclosan, GMO, silicones, artificial dyes and fragrances, formaldehyde and more. Do you really want these on your skin? MICHAEL TODD true organics are formulated without these potentially harmful ingredients so you can use our products without health concerns.

These are some of our favorite Michael Todd True Organics Skin Care Products

Years Younger™ Regimen Organically Treat for Anti Aging, Sun Damage + Spots
Special Price: $85.00
Save $93 (52%) off individual price
YEARS YOUNGER™ is the ultimate anti-aging routine designed to:
Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
Reduce age spots and hyperpigmentation
Improve skin tone and increase smoothness
Reduce pore size
Stimulate skin cell renewal, improve circulation and help rebuild collagen for improved elasticity
Improve the skin’s ability to hold moisture
Increase skin resistance to external stressors
Starts with gentle exfoliating cleanser followed by organic hydrating antioxidant toner. Organic eye treatment with Haloxyl® and Eyeliss® addresses each aspect of eye aging. Finish with serum to repair and protect and organic facial mask to exfoliate, hydrate and firm. Accelerates cellular turnover for improvement to fine lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration while also repairing sun damage and boosting antioxidant protection. Designed for all skin types and especially dry, sensitive, pigmented and wrinkled.


Walnut Grapefruit Body Polish Exfoliating Body Scrub
Special Price $14
Organically based body polishing scrub that needs to be used to be truly appreciated. The first thing you notice is the delicious grapefruit scent which is just so fresh and clean it primes your senses for what is about to follow. Powerful cleanser infused with walnut shell powder polishes away dead, dry, flaky skin and stimulates production of fresh, healthy layers of skin. Reduces the size and frequency of blemishes and leaves the skin soft, smooth and more youthful looking while providing critical hydration.


Dry Sensitive Skin Regimen
Organically Treat Normal to Dry Sensitive Skin
Save $82 (49%) off individual price
Special Price: $85.00
For the Dry Sensitive Skin Regimen, we carefully selected our gentlest assortment to create an effective routine well tolerated by sensitive skin that thoroughly cleanses, tones, repairs, protects, hydrates and treats to achieve soft supple beautiful skin. Sensitive skin can show up as redness, itching, burning and dryness. Individuals with sensitive skin almost always have one thing in common: inflammation. You may have sensitive skin for a variety of reasons, but often it’s in response to particular skin care products or specific ingredients in those products, such as soap, alcohol, sulfates and artificial dyes and fragrance. We use none of these ingredients in our products. Specifically formulated for sensitive skin types and especially individuals with dry sensitive skin. 3-4 mos supply.


Tropical Fruit Facial Polish Enzyme Exfoliating Face Scrub
Price $18
Naturally fruity refreshing skin treatment that uses the power of Papaya and Pineapple Enzymes as a mild non-irritating exfoliant to remove dead skin, impurities and toxins without irritation caused by scrubbing. Exfoliates, moisturizes and firms, improves elasticity and pliability of the skin, unclogs pores allowing skin to breathe and facilitates movement of skin oils. All skin types. 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz



Acne Or Oily Sensitive Skin Regimen
Organically Treat Blemished or Oily Sensitive Skin
Save $71 (49%)
Special Price: $75.00
Now there’s a serious organic approach to clearer skin quickly for those with sensitive skin suffering with acne. Used as directed, results in 30 days – guaranteed or your money back.
Individuals with sensitive skin almost always have one thing in common: inflammation. The Acne Sensitive Regimen is a proprietary combination of non-irritating blemish healing ingredients and “nature’s first aid kit” organic aloe vera. Unclogs pores, kills acne causing bacteria, calms inflammation and keeps the skin hydrated without irritating sensitive skin. Contains NO added water, alcohol, mineral oil or harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide. This regimen is designed especially for individuals with sensitive skin suffering with acne. 3-4 months supply.


Clear Bi Light™ Acne | Anti Aging LED Treatment
Introductory Price – Save $56 (29%)
Special Price: $139.00
Clear skin is possible… A clinical study shows that treating the skin with the combination of special wavelengths of blue+red light clears mild to moderately severe inflammatory acne better and faster:
“We found a final mean improvement of 76% in inflammatory lesions using a combined blue±red light radiation which was significantly superior to those achieved by blue light or benzoyl peroxide.” July 2000 – British Journal of Dermatology
Red light therapy has also been shown to rejuvenate the skin, stimulate collagen production, prompt cellular repair and increase circulation for a more vibrant and youthful complexion. Brightened skin tone and improved skin texture have also been reported. This same technology used by dermatologists is now available in the Clear BI-LIGHT for home use. Using this superior combination of special wavelengths of blue and red light, Clear BI-LIGHT clears and prevents acne breakouts, calms inflammation and rejuvenates the skin better and faster. And does it in a way that’s completely safe.

Lavender Spray
Face Mister + Pillow Spray $16.00
If our Toners had a baby this would be it! Scented with organic lavender and lavender essential oil for a fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing and refreshing. It is a great aid for relaxing and winding down before bedtime, yet has balancing properties that can also boost stamina and energy. Lavender Spray hydrating mist is a personal beauty lifesaver and soothing pillow spray all in one.
This wonder mist balances and replenishes the skin without ruining makeup so it can be used any time as an instant pick-me-up. Go from looking tired and lackluster to bright and dewy in seconds. Lavender Spray is also an aromatherapy pillow spray. Just a quick spritz on pillow tops and linens ensures a welcoming rest. Nitey night
Made with organic ingredients in a base of soothing organic aloe vera with NO added water, alcohol, parabens, sulfates, artificial color or synthetic fragrance. All skin types can benefit from this revitalizing spray. 150 ml / 5.1 fl oz

Knu™ Anti Aging Serum Firms Lifts and Tightens improves resilience tone and texture
Price $150.00
Like a reset button for the skin, this ultrarich anti-age serum transforms skin on contact with Michael Todd’s now famous formulation for immediate face-saving firming, lift and tightening. Made with 70% organic ingredients synergistically combined with a unique combination of Matrixyl 3000®, Syn®-Coll, Epidermal Growth Factor, DMAE, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Snail Serum , Arbutin and L-Arginine and other clinically proven ingredients known for their powerful skin regenerating properties. Promotes continuing healing, repair and natural collagen and elastin production for reduced density, volume and depth of wrinkles and loss of elasticity over time. Powerful antioxidants protect against further damage. The result: gorgeous skin that radiates youth. Skin in any state will benefit from this nourishing treatment but it is especially suited to oily, sensitive, pigmented or wrinkled skin complexions. Also aids in the improvement of acne, scarring and roscea. 35 ml / 1.2 oz (3-4 months supply)


Pumpkin Mask Enzyme-AHA Exfoliating Treatment

Special Price $34.00
This mask smells so much like fresh pumpkin you will think it’s Thanksgiving. And exfoliant lovers will give Thanks! That tingle is the pumpkin enzyme combining with glycolic acid to go to town on your skin’s flaws dissolving impurities like dead skin and clogged pores. Adds brightness and radiance to the skin and significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles after a single use.

If you thought that masks were only for mature skin types…think again! The key to clearer skin is to unclog pores, reduce bacteria and nourish, tone and heal on and below the skin’s surface. Today’s masks from MICHAEL TODD true organics do all that transforming dull, lackluster skin into clearer irresistible complexions.100 ml / 3.4 fl oz
This product is a powerful exfoliant and is not recommended for sensitive skin.

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