Healing Powers of Honey For Aging Skin

Discover the Healing Powers of Honey For Aging Skin

By John Lexon

If you want to discover how honey for aging skin can help you get and keep younger looking skin then you are going to want to read this article.

We all know that aging is inevitable, but being stubborn is part of nature so still we go to extremes to try to avoid this unavoidable nature. I think it is safe to say that we are not afraid of aging but of what happens when you age. We are afraid of getting wrinkles, blemishes and skin sagging.

Over the centuries honey has proved to be more than just another one of nature’s sweet edibles. Our ancestors used and trusted in honey, they used it to heal various diseases and they even applied it on their skin. We are not sure what research they had done but they were spot on about the healing properties of honey. Scientists of our time have also discovered that honey is indeed special and that it is important in our diets and when applied to the skin.

Honey for Aging Skin and Why It Works

More research has revealed that honey supports the skins own cell renewal process. Honey also assists in the formation of stronger collagen. Collagen is a protein naturally produced by the body and it is responsible for keeping our skin firm.

And that is not even the end of the benefits of honey; honey also contains natural antioxidants that reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules naturally produced by the body when it uses oxygen.

We are not done yet; research done in New Zealand has revealed that a type of honey gathered from the Manuka bush has excellent healing abilities. The findings of the research state that Manuka-honey has high higher levels of antioxidants making it the perfect honey for aging skin.

This Manuka-honey also has the ability to heal skin blemishes and even heal acne.

How You Can Benefit From This Manuka Honey for Aging Skin

There are a some of cosmetic companies that actually include manuka-honey in their products. What you should be looking for are skincare products that contain manuka-honey as an active ingredient.

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