Organic Mattresses

Organic Mattresses

The Benefits of Organic Mattresses

By Charles Cridland

Mattresses that are completely free from dyes, bleaches and pesticides are known as Organic mattresses. In these mattresses, all the materials such as the covers and springs are not treated using any chemicals. Organic mattresses offer a large number of advantages over other kinds of mattresses.

Organic mattresses are becoming extremely popular these days due to the rising health concerns and increasing number of lung diseases amongst children. All kinds of products that are made using synthetic material have some kind of negative effects on its users. So it is often better to find healthier alternatives for those things that are used on a daily basis.

Organic mattresses are actually made using plants and other natural products and are not treated using any chemicals. Even the smallest products used in organic mattresses such as glue, rubber or woods are made using completely natural products and certified to meet international standards.

Though often perceived to be the same thing, organic mattresses and natural mattresses are completely different from each other. Organic mattresses are those in which no harmful substances have been used, even to the tiniest part. While making the fibers of this mattress, no chemicals are used at all. If toxins are used while making the mattress, it is not given a certificate for organic material.

The Benefits of an Organic Mattress

All the raw materials used for making organic mattresses are totally eco-friendly and do not lead to any pollution when disposed off. They are perfect for babies and for adults with sensitive skin as well, because they are hypoallergenic and possess anti-microbial properties.

They also help in preventing respiratory problems as they are able to absorb moisture easily and are designed just like a sponge. Most of the mattresses are made using wool – a natural insulator in itself. Due to this, it is ideal for using during the cold winter season. Besides providing warmth, wool also contains lanolin that is quite effective in preventing pest accumulation.

Since it is possible to customize each mattress according to your needs, the price of these mattresses varies depending on its size, material used and inclusions. The average cost of these mattresses ranges between $1000 and $4000.

They are available in various sizes such as twin, queen, twin XL and king size mattresses. Since a good night’s sleep is an extremely important part of the life of every person, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is an Organic mattress.

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Organic Mattress – Is it Good?

By Alana Olson

Have you already heard about organic mattress? If you haven’t, then read on and get the privilege of being educated on this term. As the world continuously recognizes the term organic in many things such as organic clothes, organic food, and everything, organic mattress has also become a part of this organic movement. This mattress is called organic simply because it is exclusively made of organic materials.

So what’s the benefit of using organic mattresses? Well, because it is completely natural, you can feel extremely good when sleeping. In fact, it is a lot better than those synthetic ones. Synthetic mattresses use polyurethane foam which may provoke or lead to the development of allergies in sensitive people.

The all-natural materials make the organic mattress perfectly safe, both for adults and children. Its natural wool comes with a natural dust mite repellent; therefore, they will accumulate less dust, making them healthier and safer to sleep on. In addition, you may also have an allergy-free, chemical-free, and environmentally-friendly comfortable sleeping medium.

The above things are just some of the basics to consider when choosing and using an organic mattress. Aside from being environmentally-friendly, organic mattresses give a lot of satisfaction and comfort. Having a latex one can become uncomfortable especially in humid and hot climates. However, organic mattresses have enough space to breath; hence, they can give you a comfortable sleep, even when it is unpleasant and hot.

However, you should be aware that not all mattresses advertised as organic are indeed organic. There are many that are made of natural wool and other natural ingredients; however, they are treated using fire-retardant chemicals with plastic coatings to make them waterproof.

Therefore, when you have decided to go for organic mattresses, make sure that they are 100% organic, both in materials and in the manufacturing process. You can search online for real organic mattresses.

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Organic Cotton Mattress Information

by Robert Davidson

Organic mattresses have become more popular then ever for many different factors. Customarily, mattresses have been created with lots of synthetic materials and fillers. Lots of mattresses contain polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam constantly gives off gasses, which means that it continually breaks down and releases the chemical compounds that created it. Several of the chemicals within polyurethane are known to be carcinogens the majority of which have been banned in Europe and are starting to be considered for the same in the United States. Many conventional mattresses also contain the toxic chemicals often known as PBDE or polybrominated diphenly ethers and also boric acid. PBDEs and boric acid, which are not present in organic mattresses, which includes organic cotton mattresses and organic latex mattresses, have been shown to cause health concerns in animals and a few of the chemicals are widely used to kill roaches! For these reasons, lots of people are seeking to buy organic mattresses and dispose of their old worn-out mattress.

Organic Cotton Mattresses are manufactured utilizing the highest grade cotton padding, which is generally only seen in high-end, custom produced and upholstered furniture. An organic cotton mattress produces an excellent, supportive and bump-free surface to sleep upon. The organic cotton used in cotton mattresses is some of the highest quality which can be found just about anywhere. French lambs wool is imported (and stays untreated) to provide the natural fiber layers underneath the cotton. This results in a natural dust-mite repellent by means of lanolin, which is contained in sheep’s wool. The natural fibers, in general, produced a considerably deeper, more comfortable sleep structure amongst test subjects, this includes children. Organic cotton mattresses and organic latex mattresses are ideal for babies and children as well due to this, providing them with cozy sleep and possible additional health rewards.

Organic Latex Mattresses are manufactured with the aid of rubber tree farming. These sustainable rubber tree plantations are found in Indonesia and Malaysia are harvested in a similar method as with maple syrup. An intricate rinsing and washing process is utilized to remove any kind of natural rubber odor within the latex mattress. Latex is another material which serves as a repellent towards dust-mites. It’s also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. The advantages of an organic mattress are wide ranging. An organic mattress will cost you more than a traditional mattress, but what price is your health really worth to you? To be certain you’re getting a genuinely natural organic mattress, free of harmful chemicals, make sure you do business with an established dealer. Do your research and purchase your new organic mattress form the finest quality dealer you can find.

Both organic cotton mattresses and organic latex mattresses from Royal Pedic come with the Royal-Flex Innerspring System which is one of the most efficient and comfortable sleeping systems on the planet, providing nearly 100% more coils than standard mattress designs. You’ll love your organic mattress with an innerspring system. They are adaptable and more sensitive to body support and different contours and are durable and sag-resistant.

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