Tips to Select and Purchase Certified Organic Skin Care Products

Tips to Select and Purchase Certified Organic Skin Care Products

By Janet Roth

Buying certified organic skin care products takes a bit of effort, not because these products aren’t readily available, they are. The problem is that “certified” is not a universal term, and products do not have to meet any specific requirements to call themselves certified. Unless the label reads USDA Certified Organic Seal, it may not be truly organic. Make sure to do your research before you buy.

Once you have found the products you want, how to purchase them is the next question. These products are often expensive, and you want to try and find the best price you can. Like other organic skin care products, you have options for purchasing them.

Shopping for Products at Retail Stores

Retail shopping stores might seem like the most likely place to purchase your certified organic skin care products, and they are convenient for most of us. Ordinarily retail shops have product sections that segregate the organic skin care items, making the selection process a bit easier.

Most retailers carry the latest, most up-to-date selections in organic products, but when it comes down to the certified organics, the retail store is going to be the most expensive venue.

In recent years, as the popularity of organic skin care products has skyrocketed, some companies that specialize in them have opened stores in different malls nationwide. Most of these stores offer a wide variety of certified organic skin care products made by many different manufacturers, and these stores usually offer the best prices, up to 30-percent lower than retail stores.

Finding the products you want may be hit or miss in these stores, as inventory changes quickly and they don’t always carry the same products regularly.

Purchasing Online

Particularly if you have a favorite certified organic skin care product (or products) it might pay to purchase them directly from the manufacturer’s online website. Often buying these products online makes the most sense, both price-wise and for convenience. You don’t have worry about entering a store and finding they’re out of your product.

Plus, online retailers tend to sell for less, since they have no overhead to speak of, and generally keep their prices low to compete with other online sellers. Shipping is either included in the sale price, or offered at a very low rate, and products arrive at your door quickly.

You can find quite a few discount retailers who sell top manufacturer names of certified organic skin care products online too. When you purchase certified organic products, make sure you purchase only from an Internet site with an excellent following and reputation, to be sure your products are what they say they are.

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