What Makes New Organic Skin Care Products Superior

An In-Depth Look at the Formulation of Organic Skin Care Products

What Makes New Organic Skin Care Products Superior

What Makes New Organic Skin Care Products Superior

What Makes New Organic Skin Care Products Superior Article -

By Kent Campbell

Today, numerous organic skin care product lines claim that they are made from all natural components. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true – and what about their effectiveness? Many traditional products have lost their benefits before they are ever applied to the skin. One series of new organic skin products use a new method called ‘Ionic Chemistry’ to prolong the life of their products effectiveness and proven to be extraordinarily successful in treating a variety of skin conditions.

The Problems With Typical Organic Skin Care Products

Even though the typical organic skin care products available today boast 100% organic materials, this is not the case. These products begin to lose their effective properties very quickly after they are mixed. The entire formulation of these products including the texture, scent, and color, will completely transform until they are no more than a scented paste.

As an answer to this problem, skin care companies add preservatives to increase the shelf life of their products. These chemically engineered additives, called parabens, may preserve the shelf life of the organic skin care products but it does absolutely nothing for your skin or your health. These substances bind themselves to the active ingredients interfering with their effectiveness. Methylparaben, propylparaben, and other preservatives have been scientifically linked to serious health problems including breast cancer.

What Makes New Organic Skin Care Products Superior

The Cryostem Skin Therapy System is the only type of organic skin care currently using a process known as ‘Ionic Chemistry’ to eliminate the need for man made preservatives. This process creates highly effective organic skin care products by allowing each organic ingredient to naturally bond together with its ideal ionic mate. This resilient bond maintains the biological activity of each ingredient allowing them to work effectively on a variety of skin types.

Unlike other organic skin care systems available today, this new formula utilizes the natural powers of fresh organic ingredients. Photonutrients, plant antioxidants, phytochemicals work together with vitamins and natural fragrances to treat all aspects of the skin. Because of the unique design of the formula, it does not require chemical thickeners, binders or any other harmful ingredients either.

These organic skin care products have proven to be much more than the average beauty product. The fresh and completely organic ingredients have made it an effective anti-aging treatment and preventative. These products have even been found to cure acne, scarring, rosacea, and many other skin conditions while evening out the skins natural oils. These products are designed to allow for customizable formulas, which further enhance the success of the products.

The natural and painless method of formulating organic skin care products is highly sought after because they are considered to be safe to use. Contrary to popular belief, this has not been the case with these products until now. The ionic chemistry technique used in Cryotstem formulation process extends the shelf life and the effectiveness of the product without the chemically engineered additives used by traditional products.

Kent Campbell is an author for DNA Skin, an organic skin care company offering a variety of formulas that utilize the ionic chemistry technique. Developed by Dr. Noel Aguilar [http://www.brightcove.tv/title.jsp?title=320419930&channel=1897790] DNA Skin products are available through professional dermatologists and at elite spas throughout the globe

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What Makes New Organic Skin Care Products Superior

What Makes New Organic Skin Care Products Superior

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